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How Does a Bouquet Share Work?

Place your order here for your Bouquet Share. Once we receive your order, we will then get in touch with you via email (within 48 hours) to confirm the following information:

  • Start Month: Typically you can choose to begin your 4 week share the first Tuesday of the month in either May, June, July, August, September or October

  • Delivery Location: We deliver to South Brunswick (Dayton 08810), South Brunswick (Kendall Park 08724) East Brunswick (08816), North Brunswick (08902), Milltown (08850), Spotswood (08884), Helmetta (08828), Jamesburg (08831) and Monroe (08831)

  • Delivery Day and Time: As a rule, we will deliver on Tuesdays but this is subject to change based on weather and bloom availability

  • We will provide a reusable container for you or your giftee to place in a designated space for delivery each week

  • Once you join, you will receive a weekly newsletter with updates on what is growing at the farm

  • Gift Card: If you are giving a CSA share as a gift, we can provide a customized electronic gift card 

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You can share your share!! Since our flowers last so long, sometimes you don't need a new batch every week or you might be going on vacation during the summer. We can deliver your share to someone else as long as they are within our delivery area (see above). Consider splitting it with a friend where you alternate weeks.


Want more than 4 weeks of beautiful bouquets? Simply order more than one share and we will coordinate with you to receive the shares over the course of the season. For example, if you'd like 8 weeks of bouquets in June and July, place an order for 2 shares and we'll be in touch with you via email to get it organized accordingly.

How is a Member Share Different from a Bouquet CSA?

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